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    Gil Garcia

    Hey Monique,

    In my experience, one can repair the credit on its own,but it takes a bit of time. Don’t expect the credit score to jump up within a day or two. It generally takes 6 to 12 months at the very least by removing collections from your credit report.

    A collection entry on your credit report will lower the credit score and in many cases prevent you from obtaining a mortgage or auto loan. A collection entry actually hurt your credit score badly.

    Before we get into how to remove collections from your credit report, I want to share my story.

    During my college time, I bought a cell phone with AT&T. The phone service has some issues so I switched to Verizon. I forget to AT&T payment to be paid.

    And finally, it ended up as AT&T collections and showing up on my credit report. Then I paid the collection so as to remove it from my credit report.

    However, it wasn’t removed, it was just â€śpaid collection”. I followed these steps to get it removed.

    1. The first step is to mail the collection agency a “goodwill letter” and request a Goodwill Adjustment from the Collection Agency. To write your letter, use this sample letter template.
    2. The next thing you should try is the advanced dispute method.

    For this method, you will need a current copy of your credit report that includes your credit score for free. Once you have your credit report, find the entry of the collection you want to be removed and verify that is listed.

    If you find anything that is inaccurate, note it. Check the following items on the collection entry for inaccuracies:

    • Balance
    • Account number
    • Date opened / Date closed (check all dates)
    • Account status (e.g., Closed)
    • Payment status (e.g., Collection)
    • Credit Limit
    • High Balance

    Note anything else that appears to be inaccurate and write a letter. Using this letter, you will demand that each piece of information is corrected or that the collection be removed.

    1. If you’re unable to find any inaccuracies on the collection entry on your credit report, next you should write the collection agency and demand that they validate the debt.

    Under section 809 of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collection agencies are required to validate debts they are attempting to collect.

    If you wish to repair the credit score on your own, here are some tips or a few steps I have learned:

    • Pay attention to your credit report: Now that you know why the credit report is so important, you understand why it is important to ensure that it is error-free. What you need to do is to check it regularly. Once you do so, you can easily find the errors to rectify them. In case the errors are severe yet disputable, you can always approach the concerned credit bureau for rectification.
    • Clear all missed payments: Missed payments mar your credit score considerably. You'd want to remove this blemish as soon as possible. This you can do by clearing all current payments.
    • Stay away from hard inquiries: When you apply for new credit or loan, you get what is known as a hard inquiry. This can be damaging to your credit score. It is general advice not to take new loans or credit until your credit score has improved.
    • Gets disputes resolved: If you have any disputes on financial matters, credit report errors, missed payments, etc. get them resolved. Once done, ensure that your score does not get tarnished by these instances again.
    • Get a secured credit card: If you want to build your credit score, one of the most effective ways to do so is by getting a. To get this, you have to make a security deposit. All activities on the card affect your credit score.

    Hopefully, this information helps. Thanks!


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  • Hi Gil Garcia, Thank you for sharing this information. 

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    Thank you creditsesame... You got my credit on the right track... One of my credit cards closed all of account's..With every one..Will this heart my credit..I did not owe anything on my account..

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    Prince Alarming

    Hi Gil,

    A couple other pointers I would like to mention. It's suggested you get a fair credit mix. What I mean is, like other credit cards, perhaps a loan, maybe a store card(like Walmart or bestbuy)or an alternate option perhaps a credit builder loan. Also would like to suggest that you space out applying for credit, credit building loan, loan or whatever. If you apply for to much credit at one time, you may get turned down. Then you're stuck with a hard inquiry.

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    Jesus Arriola


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    Brian gardner

    Having been in so much gambling debts over the years, I almost lost everything. I filled for bankruptcy, plus my home was facing foreclosure. I could not look at my wife or my eight year old in the eye anymore. I really messed up. I was at the bar drinking my sorrows away when I started speaking to the bartender he gave me a contact and urged me to speak with a team of specialist from “creditstreamers@ instructor . net “ who helped him in the past. I contacted them and spoke with an agent who cleared most of the negatives off my report and raised my score to a 770 in 28 days. I was able to take out some loan and save my home and family. Much obliged to give thanks by appreciating their good and fast work. You might be facing a similar issue or worse. I suggest you contact them too and get your burden of bad credit off your chest. Thanks again to Credit sesame for helping out with some great information on how to keep my credit score high.

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    Fred J. Ramon

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    Kris SchmĂŻtĹĽ

    I tried him Ramon, Turns out he actually has these cards woah it's breathtaking, finally i have good credit and enough money to purchase a home!!  thank you.

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    Louisa Caihon

    My credit score goal is to reach an 810. I am already at 760 but the goal is to aim bigger and better, I cherish my report so much and I handle it like an egg lol that’s why I patronized jamiehacking99 at g’mail dott com, I tried his services last month and he ushered me to 810 credit score!

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