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  • Hi Shanity Flemming-Stackhouse. That is a really great question. We did some digging for you and found that Senator Brown (Ohio) just made this post today. Apparently, you are not alone, as other parents have received only the base payment as well. As of now, the back up plan (if you qualify) is for you to claim a credit on your 2020 taxes*, but that means you will not see the money until next year. Meanwhile, legislators are really trying to get money to qualifying parents sooner. You can find a copy of the letter they sent on the link provided above.

    We will be on the look out for more information, and will follow up if we find any. Meanwhile, if you learn more, please let us know so we can help others.


    *Please note that this should not be considered advice, as you should always talk to your tax preparer before taking any credits.

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